The Austin Facial Hair Club - The Team
The Austin Facial Hair Club was founded sometime after 2007 with the goal of representing Austin, Texas, and the USA in the 2009 World Beard and Moustache competition in Anchorage, AK.

Since that time our beards and team have grown strong. Our team has made a proud showing at the 2010 BTUSA National competition in Bend, OR, where we continue to celebrate with Allen Demling, his 2nd place full beard win. We have also traveled abroad to the land of Trondheim, Norway for the 2011 World Beard and Moustache Championships, where Austin was the most represented city in the world. We will continue to raise awareness and funds so that we may send hairy Texans across the land in search of fame and glory for Texas.

The Austin Facial Hair Club is dedicated to promoting positive facial hair awareness and having a good time. The Austin Facial Hair Club is open to all men and women; hirsute, in pursuit, or just generally enthused by facial hair. Please check out our calendar of events and/or our facebook page for meetings and upcoming events.

Member Profiles

Bryan Allan Nelson

  • Studio Engineer, Musician, Record Label Owner
  • Husband, Father, Skateboarder, Bicycle enthusiast.
  • 1st Place  Alaska Grizzly Beard Competition, Red Fox Category, Anchorage Alaska 2009
  • 2nd Place US Nationals, Full Beard Natural Category 2011
  • Resident Judge at Misprint Beard Contest, Austin TX
  • Received a Lifetime Achievement Award for Beardness in 2010

John Chapman

  • Founder, President, and Client of the JCCHH wellness center.

Allen Demling

  • 2009 Gnarliest Beard Champion, Misprint Magazine’s Beard & Moustache Competition
  • 2010 2nd Place Full Beard, USA National Beard Competition

Alex LaRoche

  • Born in the late 70's in Eastern Tennessee
  • Graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS CmpE in 2002
  • Moved to Austin in 2003
  • Works for a large computer and mobile device company
  • Homebrew, pickles, BBQ, electronic noise
  • Beard awards:
  • 2nd Place Gnarliest Beard - 2008 Misprint Beard and Moustache Competition
  • 1st Place Best Groomed - 2009 Misprint Beard and Moustache Competition
  • 4th Place Verdi - 2009 World Championship
  • 1st Place Freestyle - 2010 Misprint Beard and Moustache Competition
  • Semi Finalist Full Beard - SF 2010

Michael Gilbert Schrader

  • Born in Burlington VT
  • Moved to Austin in 1990
  • Design Drafter @ National Instruments
  • 1st Place in 2008, 2010 Misprint Beard and Mustache Contest (Fiercest Chops)
  • BBQ Cooker and Bicycle rider/collector.

Miletus Callahan-Barlie

  • Born in 1977, where ????
  • Lived in Austin all of his life with the exception of a 7-year self exile to the state of Arkansas
  • Barista, Door Man, Cheese Maker, Semi- fine woodworker, are just a few of his trades.
  • Currently the Operations Manager of riverboats for Lake Austin Riverboats. enjoys kickball, gypsy movies, and Second Sunday Sock Hop.
  • Has competed in all four Misprint Beard and Muostache Comptetions.
  • Third place in 2008 (disputed)
  • Competed in National Beard and Moustache contest 2010.

Greg McDonald

  • 1974 Hollywood, Fl -> 1984 Houston, TX -> 1997 Austin, TX Drummer, Bassist, Guitar player. Works for Lake Austin Riverboats and Posse East.Currently drumming for a punk ABBA cover band named StABBA and Contact Hi 5.Enjoys: playing music, riding bikes, taking pictures of nature, and a bit of the old slap and tickle!

Nick LaRoche

  • Nick LaRoche is a man of many trades. Besides being an accomplished beardsman (he has competed in or attended every Misprint Beard and Moustache Competition to date) he is also a home brewer, photographer, graphical designer (he has designed many AFHC pieces of art, as well as art for Allen Demling's City Council CamPAIN), amatuer ax thrower, lover and wii enthusiast.

Ben Whitney

  • Ben Whitney (aka Potet) is the King of the Russ. He has competed in many categories, including Sweetest Stache, Garibaldi, and Ex-Con. Ben's facial hair is only outshown by his amazing mullet.

Brian Takats

  • (aka Featherbeard) has been know to style his beard in a non-traditional manner. For the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Norway he chose to fill his beard with feathers, making him one of the more unique competitors.

Taylor W

  • Born and raised in Hershey, PA (where they make the chocolate).
  • Graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA of Industrial Design.
  • Lived in Savannah GA, Florida, and several other secret locations.
  • Moved to Austin in 2008.
  • Industrial Designer based out of Austin.
  • Bicycle-rider, tinkerer, whiskey-drinker, frenzied fan of fantastic facial hair (as well as alliteration).
  • 2nd Place in the 2008 Wimberly Beard & Moustache Competition
  • 1st Place "Most Magnificent" category in the 2011 Jackalope Moustache Competition
  • 1st Place Overall "Moustache King" in the 2011 Jackalope Moustache Competition
  • 1st Place "Sweetest Stache" in the 2011 Misprint Beard & Moustache Competition
  • Competed in the 2011 World Beard & Moustache Competition in Trondheim, Norway

John Tullis

  • Born in Longview, Texas c. 1979
  • Moved to Austin after graduating from Texas State University.
  • Art Director at McGarrah Jessee.
  • I love hot rods and customs, barbecue, taco trucks, my son Wyatt, fly fishing, shotguns, photography, beer and baseball.
  • Future World Champion Full Beard.

Jessica Ives

  • Assistant Producer @ Zynga Game Network
  • Born in Dallas, TX ; been in Austin since my first memory! (Miletus would disagree)
  • Tattoo, Beer (by beer I mean Lonestar), Being Awesome enthusiast!
  • Nickname: Jives
  • Motto: It's Whatever!

Joseph (Joe Camacho) Camacho

  • Born in El Paso, TX 1982
  • Migrated to Austin, TX in 2000
  • 1st place in Best Groomed, Misprint's Beard and Mustache competition 2010
  • About me? I'm glad you asked. Let's see... Bicycle punk, accordion player, (inspiring) sandwich model, kitteh petter, bbq eater, beer drinker, and financially irresponsible.

Randall Holt

  • Originally from the New Mexican desert
  • Cellist, wordsmith, and beard composer.
  • Randall Holt now lives in Austin, TX. He rides a bicycle.

Siobhan Fitzpatrick

  • Mullet tamer
  • Black pepper, knives, steak, snowboard and facial hair enthusiast.
  • Graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in Political Science in 2004